The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing job markets not only in the United States. This market consists of legal cultivators, consumers, producers or regulators and it has already created thousands of new jobs in 2018.

Thanks to the fact that many states decided to legalize using marijuana, it’s expected that even more jobs will be created in the next few years. A big boom of producers and manufacturers can be seen on the recreational as well as medicinal sides.

The popularity of cannabis is still growing and more and more people are looking for the place, where they can get as many information about cannabis or hemp as possible. The best place for that is definitely cannabis business expos and in this article, you can find the information about the best cannabis expo you can visit.

But first, let’s get familiar with some important facts about cannabis and for what purposes can be hemp and cannabis used.

Effects of Marijuana and its use
Effects of cannabis during recreational use are very well known to everyone but cannabis has also many great impacts when it’s used as a medicament. Medical marijuana can be used for patients suffering from cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, muscle spasm, seizures, severe pain or nausea.

The most used synthetic cannabinoid products are dronabinol and nabilone. The first mentioned is used to control nausea and vomiting caused by the chemotherapy treatment of cancer and to stimulate appetite in AIDS patients. The latter has very similar impacts and it’s also used in cancer treatment.

The first country, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana was Uruguay in 2013. Canada became the second one in 2018 and the first member of G7 and G20 who did that. Many states in the USA already voted for legalization of recreational use of marijuana so using marijuana is not illegal in California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Vermont, and some other states. Many other countries are still waiting for the right time to legalize marijuana and trying to evaluate the impact of this decision.

Cannabis Business Expos
It doesn’t matter if you work in a cannabis industry or if you are just an avid consumer, you will find these cannabis expos very inspiring and interesting. The number of cannabis expos is growing every year and some of them are more focused on B2B business and some offer many tips for recreational users. So let’s have a look at some biggest cannabis expos.

International Cannabis Business Conference
This cannabis business expo organizes events in the USA, Canada, and Europe and provides the guests with much interesting information as well as best networking opportunities. The events take places in San Francisco, Zurich, Berlin, Barcelona, and Vancouver.

Presentations mostly concern business topics, such as investments and capital markets, international investing, medical cannabis, international regulatory overview, cannabis extracts, mainstreaming of CBD and strategic partnership and many others. Many topics focus on law regulations or the market in that particular country and some local organizations can participate in the organizing of this event. This event mostly lasts one day and includes after party or meeting with some interesting musician or another famous person.

Marijuana Business Conference
Marijuana Business Conferences take place in many cities in the USA, Canada, and Europe. The next events in 2019 will take place in New Orleans, Copenhagen, Toronto, and Las Vegas. This June New Orleans will host two conferences: MJBizCon Next and The Hemp Industry Daily Conference. The latter will be the first Hemp Conference ever and it’s a great opportunity for everyone who’s interested in starting, growing or investing in a hemp or CBD business.

The other conferences gather information about cannabis business, law regulations, investing and medical use of Marijuana. The expos last mostly three days, which are packed with information, presentations, and experts.

Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition
These cannabis business expos take place three times a year in New York, Los Angeles, and Boston and there are business-to-business trade events for the legalized cannabis industry. If you are looking for information about this fast-growing industry, this place is the right for you and it doesn’t matter if you are a dispensary owner, grower, supplier, investor or entrepreneur.

You can join these conferences as an exhibitor or as an attendee and get new contacts and new business partners. If you are eager to know more about cannabis business or medical use of marijuana and so on, you can be sure that all these conferences have a long list of quality speakers, who are experts in their fields of study and will gladly share their experiences with you.

CannaGrow Expo
This cannabis expo is dedicated to all cannabis growers, grow managers, extractors and grow enthusiasts. At this expo, you will learn everything about the latest cannabis cultivation technology, tools, and techniques as well as about technologies for growing and extracting cannabis. This two-day conference will take place in August 2019 in Palm Springs, California and it will host more than 35 educational sessions, which will address various topics.

Europe CBD Expo
If you are looking for some CBD event in Europe, Europe CBD Expo in London is one of the prime cannabis business expos. With over 30 speakers, 80 exhibitors and thousands of attendees, this event will be one of the biggest of its kind. Many international industry, government, clinicians and press representatives will attend this event and take part in many discussions about the cannabis industry. If you are interested, save the date 12-13 July 2019.

Cannabis Europa
For all who are interested in the medical cannabis industry, Cannabis Europa is a great place to be in June 2019. The leaders of the medical cannabis industry will gather in London and this two-day event will explore the latest development and technologies in this industry not only in the UK market but also in the whole of Europe.

Cannabis Plant

O’Cannabiz Conference & Expo
At the end of April 2019 Canadian metropolis Toronto will host O’Cannabiz conference, which is the number one cannabis business expo in Canada. This event is a great chance for B2B networking and collecting many new information and contacts.

There are many other interesting cannabis expos coming this year at many different places so if you don’t want to miss them, book your place as soon as possible.