Are you looking for something unique to decorate your home? Try cannabis décor. There are several ways in which you can use cannabis. You don’t particularly have to use the cannabis plant but there are several ways that you can use its resemblance. Here, we have picked up a few ideas for cannabis décor. Have a look:

1- Use cannabis poster
Weed or marijuana whatever you say is plucked from the cannabis plant and some might think of it as a bad thing, but it actually looks so pretty. If you have a living room that lacks the greenery, then adding a cannabis poster would be a great idea. You can use any other wall hangings of cannabis or fake cannabis plants to complement the living room.

2- Use cannabis printed Persian rug
Persian rug itself is a beauty in terms of quality and stuff. If you somehow get your hands on cannabis printed Persian rug then your bedroom is going be lit for sure. Although the design looks a little bit complicated but if you look closely, there are cannabis leaves printed on many of Persian rugs. Pick the one which enhances the cannabis décor from the floor. When you add Persian rug along with other cannabis décor items, it’s definitely going to be great. There are rugs that are small in size, you can get one and put it inside your entrance. It would be a great look for some party.

3- Use Cannabis leafy cushions
Using the actual cannabis plant in your home might be prohibited but you can use the cannabis printed cushions on your couch. You can pick the one which is more decent and serve the purpose or you can pick the funky, rocky looked cushions and put them on your couch. It would be a bold move but who cares.

4- Try marijuana cookie jar
Want to add more fun in your life, go get the marijuana cookie jar. It may be printed with a marijuana leaf and some catchy line, but it will look good in your kitchen or on your table somewhere. It doesn’t have to necessarily store your stash, but you can put your baked cookies in it.

5- Get a bed cover with cannabis leaf
Cannabis leaves are really pretty and they are quite popular everywhere. Marijuana may have a bad reputation but with cannabis printing on everything just makes it more popular. You can get a bed cover with cannabis print on it. Any green thing is refreshing in the house, so having a bed cover that is abundant with marijuana leaf is kind of great. Check out some of the online printing ideas and how they match with other cannabis decorative items in your home and get one for yourself.