The Farm Bill 2018 legalizing CBD has shifted the spotlight to the bigger cannabis industry. So, as the cannabis industry continues to rise, there is no doubt that it is flying on CBD’s wings. This rise in CBD popularity is as a result of its wide variety of products. On the flip side, this wide variety of CBD products with their cannabis counterparts leaves many users – especially new users – confused in terms of product choice. Among this group of confused peeps is a smaller group of persons wondering if they should buy a CBD drop or cannabis vape pens. If you fall under this category, read on – this article is for you!

Cannabis & CBD
Cannabis is a group of three plants – Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis – which have psychoactive properties. When harvested and dried, any of these plants will transform into one of the world’s most popular drugs, dubbed “cannabis,” but also often referred to as weed, pot, and marijuana. Several medical kinds of literature demonstrate that cannabis has relaxing and calming effects, to the end that some U.S. states prescribe it for a range of medical conditions, including chronic pain, inflammation, glaucoma, and poor appetite. Due to the high concentration of THC in cannabis, the psychoactive properties typically make you high. On the other hand, cannabidiol (CBD) is one of two major compounds found in Cannabis. It is extracted from strains of hemp selected genetically for their very low THC concentration. According to Farm Bill 2018, CBD’s maximum THC concentration is 0.3%, which is why CBD has no psychoactive properties, which can make you high.

In the main, there is no real difference in how the body processes both cannabis and CBD. The compound needs to reach the cannabinoid receptors inside your brain and body. To do this, cannabis or CBD has to get into your bloodstream. Ingesting cannabis or CBD typically takes longer because it would have to pass through your digestive system to be metabolized by your liver. More, our digestive systems are unique, and as a result, many factors come into play. However, inhaling cannabis or CBD does not require the compound to go through your digestive tract, as the compound passes through the lungs, and reaches the cannabinoid receptors faster. As we shall soon see, cannabis vape pens are consumed by inhalation, while CBD oil is sublingual or ingested. This is not to say that inhalation, ingestion, or sublingual use is automatically the better option. However, one method could be slightly more beneficial than the other, depending on why you’re using cannabis or CBD.

CBD Drops
CBD oil drops can be infused into food or ingested via mouth using the provided dropper. As against just swallowing the oil, it is best to take them sublingually. In other words, hold it under your tongue for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. This method allows the sublingual gland and mucous membranes of the mouth to absorb the greater part of the CBD before swallowing. This way, the CBD does not travel through the stomach and reaches the bloodstream faster. The onset of this method’s effect is typically 30 minutes to an hour, but it lasts around 8–12 hours. Since CBD lasts longer, you may only need to take it 1-2x per day. By implication, if you plan on taking CBD every single day, then a high-concentration, long-lasting sublingual drops may be a perfect choice. CBD oil drops may also be added to foods, but since the content is typically ingested, the onset effect takes much longer.

For those with flight anxiety, CBD drops are recommended and may be taken at the hotel before heading to the airport, half an hour before a flight to relieve flight anxiety. More, the CBD oil has long-lasting effects and can sustain them throughout the flight duration. CBD drops have also been recommended to help manage the signs and symptoms of chronic ailments, like seizure disorders, depression, cancer, arthritis, HIV/AIDS, and Alzheimer’s.

Cannabis Vape Pens
The delivery mechanism here is equally simple. When you inhale the cannabis vape, the cannabis oil or compound for vape pens, is inhaled into the lungs and vaporized into tiny mist particles. These particles pass through the membranes and are quickly distributed into the bloodstream. Here, the onset of effect is typically between 30 seconds to a few minutes. However, effects are usually short-lived compared to CBD drop as they last about 3-5 hours. By implication, if you want the effect of the cannabis to last throughout the day, then you may need to take several cannabis vape pens throughout that day. In essence, if you’re looking for a fast-acting, heavy-hitting product to take from time to time, or in specific situations, then a quality cannabis vape pen may what you need.

Specifically, for those who have insomnia, especially those used to smoking, a cannabis vape pen is recommended. Due to its fast onset relaxing effects, it is also beneficial for those who have anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and users seeking to reduce stress.

CBD Drop v. Cannabis Vape Pen – Who wins?
There’s no winner.

As stated earlier, each has the edge over the other, depending on why it is used. Interestingly, a mixture of both CBD oil and cannabis vape is equally beneficial. For instance, a professional athlete once claimed to use both because he puts a lot of stress on his body, having found that micro-dosing and keeping a steady CBD dose in his system is a great choice. He uses his CBD drop sublingually in the morning and then before bed. Also, his cannabis oil for vape pen gets him the needed in-between doses. However, this pattern of use is not advisable for new users. Finally, a consideration of which product to use depends on exactly why you’re using that product. Cannabis vape pens are perfect for anxiety and panic attacks due to their fast onset of effects. They are efficient for short-timed effects. CBD drops, on the other hand, are apt for long-lasting doses.