I joined Denver NORML for their first formal meeting, and got filled in on their current cannabis issues and advocacy.

This was their first official meeting after Denver NORML formed a board of directors and filed their articles of incorporation with the State of Colorado.

The organization’s cause is to fight for the right of the cannabis consumer to “have access to affordable marijuana that is free of harmful pesticides and chemicals, adult-use facilities/public consumption and increasing access by extending operation hours for marijuana businesses, just to name a few.”

Right off the bat Denver NORML got down to business and brought the attendees’ attention to a major local cannabis issue.

The major issue of the day is that the Colorado Medical Board will be holding a stakeholder meeting October 2, 2015. (That’s tomorrow as I write this article.) The Board will be discussing a new policythat would change the current recommending physician system. Denver NORML does not think that it is in the interest of patients or the doctors prescribing MMJ.

According to Denver NORML the new policy will include:

  • No longer allowing tele-health conferences, all appointment for recommendations must be in person.
  • Requiring the recommending physician to perform not only a physical exam but risk assessment as well as a thorough pain assessment.
  • Lab work, imaging and urinalysis should be ordered to confirm diagnosis.
  • Physicians will be responsible for a higher level of patient education.
  • More accountability on documentation of the patient record.

Overall they believe the new changes will increase cost to the cannabis patient and MMJ Doctor prescribing it by pushing tests, procedures and policies already addressed by their regular physician, and the changes will most likely be taking the majority of cannabis recommending physicians out of business.

The new purposed policy can be viewed hear: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzKoVwvexVATR21QaXlHNXdSY0E/view?pli=1

Another major concern is how this piece of legislation has been kept under radar, and most of Colorado’s medical cannabis users are not aware of it. And get this, you have until tomorrow to let them know if you disagree.

Written Comments will be accepted through October 2, 2015. You can send your written comments to the Board’s Program Director, Karen McGovern, at 1560 Broadway, Suite 1350, Denver, CO 80202, or Karen.mcgovern@state.co.us

I would e-mail or hand deliver your responses since time is of the essence.