CBD oil is one of the natural oils available for coating the surface of furniture. There are several kinds of coatings for making a piece of furniture look more aesthetically appealing. Some of the coatings are manmade or synthetic, while others are produced from natural materials. CBD oil is one of those natural coating materials which one can use on different types of furniture, from three-piece table sets to dining sets. CBD oil offers an alternative for both synthetic coatings and other natural oils which can be used to coat furniture.

This article provides basic info on CBD oil as a furniture coating material and highlights its usefulness.

Furniture Cbd Oil

Source of CBD oil

CBD oil is produced from CBD plant, a plant that is the source of several byproducts, from creams to CBD oil. About 250,000 byproducts can be gotten from the different components of CBD oil. The fiber of CBD plant is one of the strongest there is. CBD oil is gotten from the seeds of CBD plant. The CBD plant is also a unique one as it has a cleansing effect on the earth as it grows. CBD plant is widely grown in North America.

CBD oil as a natural oil and its several benefits

As earlier highlighted, CBD oil is a natural coating material for furniture. The fact that CBD oil is natural makes it more advantageous to use than other synthetic coating materials. The benefits of CBD oil stem from the fact that it can adjust to the natural changes that occur in most pieces of furniture as opposed to synthetic coatings.

For example, when a dining set coated with CBD oil expands over time, CBD oil can accommodate that expansion. This is not the case with other synthetic oils, and the dining set will thus lose its improved aesthetic appeal after a while.

When a piece of furniture is also exposed to varying humidity, changes occur, and as more moisture is trapped within the furniture, CBD oil allows the release of such moisture which helps to keep the furniture in the best shape.

The appeal of CBD oil as a natural coating material also stems from the fact that it is water resistant. So, when one applies coatings of CBD oil, they also protect the furniture from damage by moisture. CBD oil is also alcohol resistant, and this is one of its benefits.

CBD oil also retains the initial color of a surface. Thus, one wouldn’t have to bother about the altering the initial style of a surface when they apply CBD oil. When CBD oil is applied on a surface, it gives a matte to satin matte finish which is known to be very appealing for furniture.

The fact that CBD oil can also be applied to the interior and exterior of food surfaces is also notable. CBD oil is grown naturally without the application of pesticides, and this makes it very safe for all surfaces including food surfaces. When CBD oil is applied to a piece of furniture, it is absorbed into the furniture and undergoes a process of curing that takes about 30 days. It takes 12 to hours for a coat of CBD oil to dry up. CBD oil also does not require any forth of thinning, and one can apply it easily with a brush or rag.

Furniture Cbd Oil

CBD oil versus other coatings

Several other coatings can be applied on the pieces of furniture apart from CBD oil. This section examines CBD oil beside its alternative coatings. Furniture wax is one of the alternative coatings that can be applied on a surface. CBD oil, however, differs from furniture wax in several ways. When applied to pieces of furniture, furniture wax is not very resistant to high temperatures.

Tung oil is another natural coating which is found in China and South America. Tung oil is one of the most preferred natural oils used as wood finishing and coating. Tung oil is notable for its fast drying ability and coatings of tung oil can dry up within 24 hours of application. Tung oil also gives a matte finish like CBD oil and the color does not change over time.

However, CBD oil can be much more easily applied than tung oil, and this is one of the points where CBD oil beats tung oil. Also, when one applies tung oil, it leaves a smell for the first few days. The initial smell that comes with tung oil fades away eventually. On the other hand, when CBD oil is applied, it leaves little to no smell. If an initial faint smell is given off after the application of CBD oil, the smell fades away within the hour it was applied.

Where can one apply CBD oil?

CBD oil can be applied to the interior and exterior of different pieces of furniture. The pieces of furniture on which CBD oil works perfectly include dining sets, three-piece table sets, bar carts, low tables, nesting tables, TV cabinets and TV stands. CBD oil can also be applied to floors, exterior surfaces, kitchen cabinets and ceilings.

How to apply CBD oil

The application of CBD oil is simple and straightforward. The surface on which CBD oil is to be applied does not require a lot of preparation, only cleaning and removal of moisture. One also does not need to smoothen the surface with sandpaper.

CBD oil can be applied with either a rag or brush. One can also apply liberally as the excess oil can be easily wiped off 12 hours after the application of the CBD oil. The more coats of CBD oil one applies, the more the sheen of the surface. As CBD oil is applied on a surface, it becomes darker.

CBD oil is as great wood coating and finishing which can be applied as a maintenance measure for different types of furniture. The several benefits of CBD oil also make it stand out as a coating material. The use of CBD oil also helps to reduce carbon footprints and the earth safer.