Hemp fibers are well-known to be of great value thanks to their hypoallergenic properties, natural elements, and superior durability. Since 70% of the total weight of the cannabis plant is made of a sturdy wooden core, it’s commonly used in furniture products like rugs, bedding, and décor to name a few. Because of this, hemp makes an ideal material in floor furnishings. If you long for a toxin free and naturally beautiful environment, then it is highly recommended that you choose hemp rugs and feel the difference that nature has to offer.

How They Are Made

Hemp rugs are usually made by conventional means. A hemp carpet or hemp area rug can be produced on a conventional loom with virtually any pile, any number of knots per square inch, with or without loops. Tibetans are known to have produced high quality hemp rugs for centuries. Hemp can be dyed with both aniline and natural dyes and can be combined with other fibers like seagrass, wool, and even synthetics. However, most homeowners who buy hemp rugs, buy them in their undyed state.

Hemp Rugs

Wide Variety of Styles and Types

Although hemp material is usually monochrome in color, there are other dyes added to it in order to form wide range of patterns, hues, and designs. These dyes typically include natural vegetable dyes. You can find hemp rugs in a variety of different sizes to cooperate with your indoor décor and make sure that it looks great and to your liking. Hemp rugs are found in both cheap rugs as well as luxurious rugs categories. Their sizes range from 2 x 3-5 being the smallest and 9 x 12-13 being the largest.

You can find hemp rugs in all sizes in rectangular and round shapes in transitional, solid, and modern styles to coordinate with your existing layout and home décor. These stunning yet relatively cheap rugs offer captivating and interesting designs in floral/botanical, solid, stripes, abstract, graphic, and geometric patterns. Exclusive brands like Ligne Pure, Uttermost, Surya, and St. Croix use the highest quality hemp materials to create exquisite and cheap rugs. Choose from a wide range of handmade creation and allow these high-quality rugs to enhance each and every room of your living space.

Hemp Rug

Decorating with Hemp Rugs

It feels great to have a personal place where you can feel relaxed and comfortable during any time of the day. Hemp area rugs offer comforting therapeutic properties in both their functionality and appearance. They don’t attract crumbs, dirt, and particles and they are easy to clean as well. Furthermore, these rugs are ideal for creating a welcoming setting. The natural, rustic tones evoke a snug and cozy ambiance that will please even your grumpiest guest. Apart from this, they are easy to maintain and water resistant as well.

Since hemp rugs are free from harmful chemicals, they are ideal for pets and children to play on. So, with a new hemp rug, not only can you bring comfort in your home, but you can also lead a lifestyle that is closer to nature.