You call it illegal? Then that is what we are going to consume. That is how people are leading their lives today. Marijuana, except a very few places, is considered illegal across the globe. Many countries are trying to stop the use of marijuana but still are finding it difficult. This is because of the large-scale consumption that happens across the globe. While a large part of the world is okay with the idea of marijuana consumption, there are still few people who are not finding it right. So here are some of the pros and cons of marijuana that you have to know. This will help you take a side in the debate.

With regard to the medical community:

When it comes to the medical community, a large number of people believe the fact that marijuana can have a positive impact on a lot of diseases that are considered incurable such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and much more. On the other hand, there are also people who state that this marijuana can have an addictive in nature and that can lead to negative consequences. So there is a balance.

The stand of the medicos:

The medical community is looking forward to incorporating marijuana as a legal drug as marijuana can support the medical community in a lot of ways. Marijuana is considered medicinal if it is applied at the right time and the right quantity. However, the American medical community has a different stand. The medical researchers state that there are many side effects that people might suffer from after long-term consumption and one among them is poor eyesight. So they say it is better to stop people from using it.


No complaints registered:

So far as per the records of the government or hospital, cases that have been registered in the name of marijuana consumption is a very few to nothing, and that is the reason why people say that it is not bad to use. On the other hand, people argue that they are sure that there are complaints but either they cannot be traced back or are being neglected by people. However, on a positive snote, even medicos state that even if marijuana is given in overdoses, they do not kill the person. In the worst case, it can only make you sober.

Better than a lot of medicines:

A lot serious drugs that you consume for illness such as cancer and hepatitis can lead to nausea, loss of appetite, pain, depression and vomiting. On the other hand, consumption of marijuana not only has a positive impact on cancer by also is the only known anti-nauseating drug that can increase your appetite. Isn’t that a great news for a lot of people who are suffering from these incurable diseases? But the negative stand here is that people say that it may not serve as a consistent drug. That shall be a problem.