Cannabis Advertising

CBD, also called Cannabidiol, is obtained from Hemp or Marijuana. CBD seems to be appealing to a large number of people, referring to all age groups. Due to the production and sale of Cannabis, the cannabis advertising companies are high in demand and have currently taken over the world by storm. 

Boundless Labs:

It is an agency which aims to market CBD products. This agency was made at the start of the year 2019. They came up with their brand of CBD known as ZenPup, and it is the only agency to introduce their brand so far. This agency promotes cannabis advertising on social media regularly. It ranks highest on search engines like Google. Their marketing strategies mainly revolve around electronic mail and affiliate marketing.

Cannabis Advertising

Elevated Internet Marketing:

It is another marketing agency which is now promoting Cannabis and hemp through several marketing platforms. It has a well-developed system of search engine optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization. Their team is composed of efficient and experienced workers who have worked upon developing their websites a lot. This agency gives information about your cannabis brand in the best possible ways.

Cola Digital:

Cola Digital promotes cannabis advertising by captivating the attention of a whole lot of people towards the cannabis brand. Also, they compare your brand from your main rivals. Four main stages combine to form their marketing strategy.

Cannabis Advertising

Dispensary Marketing:

It mainly makes use of Influencer marketing. It is where the people who are renowned and have a great number of followers on various social media platforms are asked to promote your brand. 


Sherpa is known for its great web designing strategies and promoting ranks in the Search Engine Optimization among its competitors in the market. The online advertising company ensures that the CBD brands are well presented to the clients and aims to establish a long-lasting business for their potential customers.

Cannabis Advertising

Forge Digital Marketing:

It makes use of influencer marketing by taking the help of social media to spread awareness and it acts as a platform to market their CBD brand. The company creates logos, designs cards, and graphics for your business as its basic tools to market their CBD product.

Cannabis Advertising

Lorenzo Gutierrez:

Lorenzo Gutierrez is an advertising company that works online and mainly considers digital marketing, web designing and making use of blogs and content writing to promote the CBD brand. It is an authentic company on which you can rely on. Also, they use social media to advertise the brand and makes use of paid ads.

Jesse Grillo:

Jesse Grillo is a name which has gained much recognition in the world of marketing. He owns several companies which are made purposely for marketing and have assisted many businesses in this regard. Jesse Grillo is an expert in automation programming and data mining. Other than this, he has immense knowledge of developing the content related to SEO. His marketing agency assures you to get the maximum output of whatever you’ve invested. The staff members who work along with him are all qualified and skilful.


These are the companies which mainly aim for cannabis advertising and makes use of each of their unique strategies to promote sales of Cannabis.