What Is Vaping?
If you have seen people sucking out of decks of cards, you have seen people vaping. A vaporizer comes in just about a million different forms and shapes. However, there are only two parts to a vaporizer. First, you need an electrified coil. Second, you need a cartridge. The cartridge delivers the oil across the heated coils. The coils are electrified to a low temperature. The oil isn’t burnt but is turned into vapor. This low temperature vapor (think a cloud of oil) is inhaled and exhaled. The basic nature of the vaporizer is simple and safe. The functioning of the coils needs to be kept at the right temperature for proper vaporization. You don’t want to burn the oil or undercook it. Instead, the focus needs to be on the cartridge that contains the oils. Certain manufacturers are not regulated. Others have very high-quality products that are excellent for cannabis vaping.

What Is Cannabis Oil?
Cannabis oil is created through the slow extraction of cannabinoids from the bud. The bud is harvested fresh from the plant and is dried to get as much of liquid out of the bud as possible. After the drying process is done it is placed in a vat of oil that is slowly heated for upwards of eight hours. The cannabinoids are extracted, primarily THC and CBD. The resulting oil is processed to clean the liquid and concentrate it to a point where it can be used in a vaporizer cartridge. Because of this concentrate, these oils are considered highly potent.

What Are The Different Types Of Cannabis Oil?

Whole Bud Oils
Whole bud oils deliver all of the cannabinoids that are in the cannabis plant. There are over 110 different cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. When you take a CBD or THC edible, you are only ingesting a single cannabinoid, or two. If you smoke a bud, you are taking in the whole spectrum. Whole bud oils mimic this full spectrum application through the oil distilling and concentration process.

Partial Cannabis Oils
Partial cannabis oils are usually a combination or single ingredient oil made of CBD and THC. Because these are the main active cannabinoids in a bud, THC and CBD can also be combined with the oil and used as the main ingredient. In this way the cannabis vape pen is used primarily for THC or CBD application. So, cannabis oil for vape pens could be made of different solvents and different active ingredients. Here are the problems and the benefits.

Benefits Of Using a Cannabis Vape Pen

Oils are a base and can be altered to fit the needs of the user. Different flavors can be added to the cannabis oil such that you can have vanilla or chocolate flavored oils. You can buy something that fits your taste buds and isn’t as rough on the breath. Flavors have in the past been built around the idea of selling to minors. Over the past few years, regulations and industry standards have pulled back away from these marketing standards. Instead they are focusing on quality flavors for the current adult consumers. A nice flavored oil can taste and feel nice, elevating the experience as a whole.

Potency & Accuracy
Oils are an extract of the cannabis bud and are heated over time. The oil is slightly dehydrated and creates a sticky substance that is chock full of active ingredients. This means that the cannabis oil for vape pens is highly concentrated and potent. It shouldn’t be used in an unidentified vaporizer. Further, the cannabis vape pen is highly accurate with the amount of oil from the cartridge that is pulled across the heated oil. You can regulate the amount of CBD or THC that you take in easily based on the oil flow. Want more cannabinoids? Let more oil cross the coils. More vaporized oil, or cannabis cloud, means more of those great feels. Less vaporized oil means more control over the length of time the cartridge uses.

Fast Acting
It isn’t just the type of bud or type of cannabinoid that is important. When you are looking for the health benefits then the type of method that the CBD or THC takes. There are a lot of different methods to take in the oil, edibles, smoke, vapor, tincture, and rubs. If you are looking for something that acts fast and has a long shelf-life in your system, vaping is an excellent way for uptake of cannabinoids. The vaporized CBD or THC is instantly absorbed by the tissue in your lungs and into your bloodstream. It can help if you are looking for something fast-acting and long-lasting.

Less Toxic
Cannabis oil for vape pens can be both less and potentially more toxic than other types of intake methods. The problem is with the manufacturing process of the oil. The benefits associated with the oils as an extract is that an oil is simple, pure, and non-toxic. If the company is well trusted, then you can potentially have a much healthier and pleasing experience with the cannabis vape pen than with other edibles or creams that also may contain unregulated toxins. It all comes down to the quality of the products. Don’t buy from a guy on the street. Buy from a local shop with educated sales staff on the products and the companies.

Downsides Of Cannabis Oil For Vape Pens

Lung Stress
Anyone with asthma or another type of breathing issue will find it hard to vape over the long term. It may even worsen asthma with feelings of constriction in the lungs. You don’t want to ever endanger your breathing if there are other options. As long as you can breathe freely and safely, cannabis oil for vape pens is a great way to stay happy.

Potentially More Toxic
As mentioned above, the most important part of making the decision on a vaporizer and a cannabis oil is whether or not you can trust the companies manufacturing the cannabis vape pen and the cannabis oil. Poor quality oils can contain Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), MCT Coconut Oil (MCT), Vitamin E Acetate, which are all unhealthy ingredients to find in cannabis oil. So, be knowledgeable and be safe and you will feel great and have fantastic experiences.