For those of you who are marijuana enthusiasts, regardless of whether you consume it or not, you must be aware of the ‘War on Marijuana’ thing that has the whole of the US off-guarded. This has become quite a vibrant issue, and the entire United States of America is staying vigilant. If you are not aware of this, then we wonder which rock you have been hiding under. But taking your GK into concern, we are trying to shed light on this issue. We think it is important that we stand for our rights. So here is everything that you have to know about the war on marijuana.

What is ‘War on Marijuana’?

The present US government is not indifferent to making decisions that affect the rights and the welfare of the people. They are known for making decisions that protect the government but not the people who make it. One such is this stand that the Trump government has taken against the consumption of marijuana. We are aware of the fact that a lot of countries across the globe are finding it hard to prevent the consumption of weeds completely. One reason is that it is a conventional practice and the next thing is that it is hard to trace the spots that appreciate illegal use.

Drug war

Having said that many countries also have made it partially or fully legal only imposing restrictions on the amount of weed that you can hold in stock. Apart from that, there are no restrictions on consumption. This is because marijuana is medically approved as something that can be consumed and that there can be no major impact as long the patient doesn’t have any complaints or is particularly insisted as to not to consume it.

Rubbishing all these medical facts the US government started unwarranted and unnecessary arrests in the name of marijuana consumption and possession. On the other hand, they also made anti-marijuana decisions in the name of saving the people. Since all these activities wet beyond the permissible threshold people started voicing out their opinions and to prevent their rights being snatched from them.

So is this act illegal in the US?

To answer this question, we will have to say yes and no. This is because a lot of states in America has legalised the act of marijuana consumption. That is the reason why people started consuming and hold them in stock but within the permitted limits. Even the Trump government promised to normalise the law and make the marijuana industry a well-regulated one. They also promised that they would legalise the stuff and also have it well-regulated. However, just like the usual thing they are stranded now having broken all these promises.

What has to be done?

The present state is that you can always fight your rights as long as you know that it is legal and that it cannot harm the interest of others. When people started agitating and eventually gained support, the ruling government realised their mistake and decided to stay away from the issue. It is good for them to do so. But we still doubt if they have retreated only to strike back even harder in the future. People must just be aware of the fact that nothing can be done at the cost of their rights.