From ages, we have seen that cannabis is taken in the form of smoking weed. According to our limited knowledge smoking was the only method of taking in cannabis to get high. But now, a new method has come up through which cannabis can be taken in, namely the nasal spray.

All this while, nasal sprays were used only in cases of health issues related to the nasal tract or the lungs. Now they can be used to get a hallucinating effect just by replacing the drug inside with cannabis solution.  

Verra Wellness, a company from Colorado, has come up with a nasal mist spray which contains cannabinoid. The ratio of THC to CBD come in three different varieties which are 10:1, 1:10 and 1:100 according to the increasing order of the psychometric effect created. As far as the hallucination is concerned, there is no difference in nasal sprays and smoking weed.  

In fact, the company claims that there are advantages of taking cannabis through the nasal tract. In this process, the pyrolytic product, which are formed by heating different compounds of the raw plants, are absent. This is in a way advantageous in respect to human health.

Inhaling cannabinoids through nasal sprays do not directly enter the metabolism of the system like in case of smoking or swallowing.  

The nasal membrane is the sheet through which the drug passes into the system. This process is known as transmucosal delivery of CBD into the system. The company ensures formulation with good solubility property, particle sizes and sufficient purity to avoid any sort of pharmacological issues from affecting the delicate lung tissues.  

In spite of high intensity research and protection, it cannot be predicted how a system will react to the nasal intake of cannabis. Intake should be controlled according to the condition of your nasal system, for example, if you are suffering from cold or allergies, the amount of intake should be limited.  

There are various enzymes present on the nasal membrane which have been found to get deactivated with the application of CBD. This action of the CBD on the natural nasal enzymes restricts the body to metabolise other enzymes temporarily. So, it is not possible to predict the exact way in which a system may react to the intake of CBD through nasal sprays. It is advisable to start with low dosages of the spray and let your body get adjusted to it. Nasal sprays are just another option for taking in CBD other than smoking or taking pills. 

Use of nasal sprays also would not require you to arrange for OCD papers or lighters. Just a simple spray bottle will be enough for you to take in marijuana any time at any place. Just keep in mind to control the dosage of intake.